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"The 21st century distilleries"
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We are well aware of the diverse world of whisky! The growing interest in this wonderful drink undoubtedly resonates with producers. They create new releases, revive 'dormant' or closed distilleries, and open new ones.

To stay abreast of all that's happening in the whisky world, broaden our horizons, and maintain a certain level of expertise, the Club occasionally hosts educational tastings. The theme for the upcoming session will revolve around exploring whiskies produced in distilleries from the 21st century. Over 35 new distilleries have been established in this century, and we'll delve deeper into 9 of them: Lochlea, Kingsbarns, Lindores, Nc'nean, The Hearach, Wolfburn, Annandale, Glasgow Distillery, and Kilchoman.

And for dessert we will serve our Allt-à-Bhainne 1995 First Fill Pedro Ximénez, rated at 91 points by the famous whisky critic Ruben Luyten!
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