Club membership 2022
To visit or join the Club
1.One-time attendance (first visit) :
- regular tasting - $200 (US dollars);
- the final tasting in December - $300 (US dollars).

2. An annual membership (9 tastings included) - $1200 (US dollars).
* If you have recommendations from 2 current Club Members.

3. One-time attendance for a husband or wife of a Club Member with an annual subscription:
- regular tasting - $125 (US dollars);
- the final tasting in December - $200 (US dollars).

* Payment is made in national currency, UAH, in the equivalent of the official exchange rate of the US dollar at the time of payment.
Club member privileges with an annual membership
1. A member of the Club has his seat at meetings. This place is marked with a special sign.

2. The Club member has priority when reserving a table in the restaurant.

3. If a Club Member misses a meeting and reports his or her absence at least 24 hours before the start of the event, he or she will receive a tasting set from this meeting and a 1200 UAH certificate to visit Whisky Corner restaurant. Otherwise, he or she will receive just a tasting set of drinks from this meeting.

The set can be picked up at any convenient time at Whisky Corner or will be delivered to the address specified by the Member.

4. A member of the Club can count on advice and assistance from Whisky Corner employees in purchasing whisky.

5. The Club Member has the opportunity to store and taste two personal bottles of whisky.

6. The Club Member receives a personalized card, which gives discounts:
- 15% * for all Whisky Corner menu;
- 10% * for the entire assortment of own import purchased by the bottle, as well as accessories;

* except for special and promotional offers.
Club Charter
Purpose and objectives of the Club

1. The main goal of the Club is to promote cultural, educational, and scientific activities in the whisky consumption sphere, the development of whisky production, and the protection of the common interests of its members.

2. The main objectives of the Club are:
2.1. Promotion of whisky production.
2.2. Methodological and technical support of the Club members.
2.3. Implementation of representative functions and protection of the Club interests and its members in public, legislative, and judicial institutions.
2.4. Implementation of representative functions in international public organizations to fulfill the tasks of the Club.
2.5. Study of materials and dissemination of international experience in the field of creating such public organizations.

3. To perform statutory tasks in the manner established by the current legislation, the Club:
- takes part in carrying out information and explanatory work regarding the history of whisky production, the culture of its consumption, the organization of tastings;
- contributes to the organization and development of whisky production;
- promotes the establishment of friendly relations with whisky connoisseurs from other countries;
- takes part in international organizations created by whisky connoisseurs and events held under their auspices;
- attracts whisky connoisseurs to the activities of the Club, organizes meetings for Club members to communicate and exchange knowledge on whisky;
- promotes communication among whisky fans to exchange information about whisky and develop ideas for improving the quality of the beverage and deliver these ideas to producers;
- conducts community research at the amateur level to substantiate the health benefits of drinking whisky responsibly;
- assists in providing information on exclusive whisky and their tasting;
- assists Club members and interested persons in researching the problems of increasing consumption or decreasing demand for whisky in the world and Ukraine;
- takes part in organizing exhibitions and conferences, holding forums, congresses, and symposia to exercise the rights and freedoms of Club members;
- organizes games and competitions for its members to expand the volume of knowledge about whisky and the cultural organization of communication;
- represents the interests of Club members in relations with producers and distributors of whisky. Notifies whisky producers about the proposals and wishes of the Club members.
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Ukrainian Whisky Connoisseurs Club
named after Aleksey Ya. Savchenko

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