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"Blind Tasting"
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We're all confident that we can guess the taste of our favorite whisky regardless of the container, even if it's in someone else's bottle. Or, as in the case of a character from one of Dick Frank's detective novels, uncover the stranger who dared to take the place of the rightful owner in that coveted bottle! Is it really possible?! Let's check it out!

On May 25th, we'll have a 'blind' whisky tasting 'Guess the Whisky.' We'll present 11 drinks, most of which are often encountered in everyday life, their taste is well-known to us. However, there'll be some intrigue as well – there will be drinks that we've decided to surprise you with.
We're confident it will be fun and interesting! Although, it'll be very challenging to guess a whisky by its 4-letter name when those letters are Glen!

Ukrainian Whisky Connoisseurs Club
named after Aleksey Ya. Savchenko

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