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"One more time Springbank"
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Dear friends! We invite you to enjoy Springbank whisky again! As the saying goes: we haven't tasted it for many years, and now can't stop doing this.

But we assure you, it will not be a simple tasting! Some experts argue that honestly made whisky cannot be repeated and the taste of regular releases varies year after year, from batch to batch. But among skeptics, the opinion prevails that this same taste can only get worse every year, that is, old releases will be good, and modern ones will be significantly inferior to them.

We decided to test this and therefore collected 5 10-year Springbank releases that saw the world in different years between 2005 and 2021.
After hard work, we will receive an award: several aged samples of Springbank.

Ukrainian Whisky Connoisseurs Club
named after Aleksey Ya. Savchenko

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