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"Old and New Tullibardine"
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Dear friends! So the summer has passed, it's time to return to our meetings. While everyone was resting, we were preparing! Therefore, we managed to collect quite interesting samples. So here we go!

On the way from Edinburgh to Perth, there is the town of Blackford, which proudly calls itself the Gates of the Highlands. It is here that the Tullibardine distillery is located, so we can say that Tullibardine whisky is the key to the Gates of the Highlands. The distillery was built in 1949, but whisky and beer were brewed in Blackford long before this momentous moment. During the Middle Ages, it housed a brewery, famous for brewing ale for the coronation of James IV of the Stuart dynasty in 1488. In the early 2000s, distillery masters were fond of wine finishes, but then the production of this Tullibardine whisky was greatly reduced. We managed to collect the most popular samples of those years, which we offer to taste today.
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