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"Lowland whisky. Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow!"
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We recalled an old anecdote: a man runs into a bar and shouts to the bartender: "Pour me whisky before it all starts again!"... So, after the last quarantine, we urgently needed to catch up before it all starts again!

Ukrainian Whisky Connoisseurs Club invited everyone to Whisky Corner restaurant to taste light, tender, absolutely spring-like whisky produced in the Lowland region. Despite being the second largest whisky producing region in Scotland, it is not rich in distilleries. Until recently, only three distilleries operated here. Still, Lowland has given us outstanding whisky releases, and lately, investments and new names have come to the region.

Our tasting included the classic whisky of the Lowland region, whisky from new distilleries and even the legendary whisky produced at the now closed Inverleven distillery.
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